On July 12, all employees were invited to take part in SAF-HOLLAND’s “Bike Day” – according to the motto “chain right”, which means to shift into the big chainring in the front (and behind) in order to move forward quickly.

The idea and initiative for this was provided by the colleague from the development department – Jenny Weber.

The selected, moderately difficult mountain bike tour was also manageable for not 100% trained cyclists and guided through the wonderful trails of the Vorspessart.

Unfortunately the weather was not on our side at this point and the sky opened his gates exactly when the tour started. In short it was raining “cats and dogs”!

But for some courageous employees that was no reason to leave their bike. On the other hand, they mastered the track with a lot of joy and were rewarded with great impressions and lots of riding fun.

“In addition to having fun and moving around together in the beautiful countryside, such a tour also offers the opportunity to get to know people personally who you would otherwise only know by e-mail or telephone,” says Andreas Hasenstab (PDM department), who acted as tour guide.

At the more comfortable “Apr├Ęs Bike” in the Keilberger Sportheim, Peter Bahmer (Vice President Operations Europe) was sure that this event would have to be repeated next year with hopefully better weather conditions.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank TSV Keilberg for the friendly hospitality and Jenny Weber for organizing the SAF-HOLLAND “Bike-Day”.