Plastic Caps Against Polio

The idea behind the cap project is as ingenious as it is simple:

With the collection of plastic caps made of high-quality plastics (HDPE and PP) and the subsequent sales proceeds, the association „Deckel drauf e.V.“ supports non-profit and charitable projects.

As a first step, they focus on the “End Polio Now” program and the worldwide project ” no child should suffer from polio any more “. Because the proceeds from the collection of only 500 caps can be used to finance a person’s vaccination – for a life without polio.

Just a few weeks after the collection containers were installed, SAF-HOLLAND collected around 10 kg, or the equivalent of around 4,500 plastic caps. With the proceeds of this collection the life-saving polio vaccine for people in need can be financed.

And the good thing is that anyone can help.

Collect plastic caps from disposable and reusable bottles, beverage cartons or even the yellow surprise egg and take them to one of the delivery points. With interim storage, as soon as a larger quantity has been collected for sale to a waste management company, the caps are sent directly from the warehouse to recycling and the proceeds to the financing of polio vaccinations.