“Together for Heike”

The aim of every registration campaign is to find ideal donors for patients with blood cancer and other diseases of the haematopoietic system. This means to find donors with HLA (Tissue Characteristics) characteristics that match best with those of the recipient. The more characteristics it is possible to analyse directly during registration, the faster help can be provided to the 13,700 people who suffer from leukaemia every year in Germany.

At SAF-HOLLAND, it is of course very important to us that the registration campaign, will help among other things our colleague Heike in particular but other people as well to find a suitable stem cell donor.

Her attitude gives confidence because she herself says: “I will never give up because I love my life”. She wants to continue to be “the best mom in the world”, to enjoy life and spend time with her loved ones.

All colleagues wish her all the best and, of course, a quick recovery. At the same time, our warmest thanks to all employees who have registered for the campaign and, above all, to all those who committed themselves and actively helped to support the registration campaign.

Further information to the stem cell registration as well as to the DKMS (German Knochmarkspenderdatei) at www.dkms.de/en.