Employees Donate for Children and Youth Home Aschaffenburg

Again our colleagues have campaigned for a good cause:

The employees of the Aschaffenburg Remedial Pedagogic Children and Youth Center provide for and look after children and adolescents aged 6 to 17 whose families have failed, who have developmental deficits, or who are significantly impaired by constitutional and / or social deficits in their age-appropriate personality development.

Through targeted pedagogical promotion measures, such as a sailing vacation, they try to strengthen the we-feeling of the group and to integrate all participants into the community.

Activities of this kind that have already taken place for children and adolescents of the Aschaffenburg Remedial Pedagogic Children and Youth Center have demonstrated that such collective measures challenges children and adolescents in their skills and competences and strengthen the cohesiveness of the group at the same time. The work in the group and the time, which is spent in a small space together, help the social interaction in a considerable way.

And so that such a sailing vacation can take place again this year, employees as well as the company of SAF-HOLLAND GmbH donated.

We are pleased that we are able to hand over a total amount of 6.500, – Euro to the remedial pedagogic children and youth home Aschaffenburg.

Many thanks to all colleagues!

Left to right: Pia Klose (personnel officer, SAF-HOLLAND), Dr. Matthias Heiden (CFO, SAF-HOLLAND), Mr. Hein (manager children’s home) and Mr. Nüßler (promotion circle president of children’s home)