In keeping with the motto “Stop Talking, Start Planting”, the Plant for the Planet Foundation draws attention to climate change and fairness as well as to global environmental problems. In order to bring children and young people closer to these topics, SAF-HOLLAND organized another action day on 14.10.2017. On this day 25 pupils from the region learned more about the climatic and ecological contexts and even plant trees together.

The aim of “Plant-for-the-Planet” is to raise students’ awareness of climate and justice issues. The goals are set up with the help of the so-called academies, where children of already trained ambassadors – also children – learn the climatic and ecological correlations. Together, they are developing concepts of how to spread what they have learned in order to reach as many children as possible and to motivate them to take action for their future. The highlight of an academy is, of course, the active planting of trees.

SAF-HOLLAND supports the Plant for the Planet Foundation and organizes academies as they took place on 14.10.2017 in the Landhotel Klingerhof in Hösbach-Winzenhohl. 25 children aged between 8 and 13 learned how to contribute to a global climate justice and planted over 70 trees as a sign of the action.

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