SAF-HOLLAND Donates for Climate Protection

It all started in 2007 with a school presentation by the at that time 9-year-old Felix Finkbeiner. Today Plant-for-the-Planet is a global movement with one major goal:

Planting trees all over the world to fight against the climate crisis.

However, a lot has happened since the Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation was founded.

For example the so called plant for the planet academies, events by children for children at which they enable each other to take action against the problems of the climate crisis, were organized worldwide.

Or the communication campaign entitled “Stop talking. Start planting” was launched in 2009 to make the initiative even better known with prominent support such as Harrison Ford or Prince Albert of Monaco.

In addition, the children convince environmental politicians of how important a global treaty based on climate justice is for their future.

And, of course, trees have been planted again and again over the years by the 100,000 children who are now active worldwide.

Currently about 3000 billion trees are growing worldwide. But according to Dr. Tom Crowther of Yale University, there is room for another 1000 billion trees without beeing in competition with agriculture or settlements. And these trees can absorb a quarter of the annual man-made CO2 emissions.

This is the reason why Plant-for-the-Planet wants to inspire the world to plant these 1000 billion trees – a future-oriented and sustainable goal that SAF-HOLLAND would like to support with its new donation.