SAF-HOLLAND Academy (Plant-for-the-Planet)

Children learning from children: as part of the SAF-HOLLAND Climate Academy, young „Plant-for-the-Planet“ ambassadors showed the school pupils aged 7 to 16 what it means to be committed to environmental protection and justice. The trained ambassadors informed their contemporaries in Hösbach-Winzenhohl near Aschaffenburg of the key environmental issues and climate changes affecting our ecology.
During a rhetoric training session, the young environmental activists also learnt to effectively apply PR and motivation work to protect the climate.

By planting trees, they demonstrated their manual skills and learnt: a single tree absorbs up to 10 kg CO2 each year. As part of the group-wide „we think ahead“ campaign, SAF-HOLLAND donated 80,000 trees, thereby helping to save some 1,000,000 kg of CO2 over the coming two years.