More Trees to Fight Against Climate Change

October 20, 2018 was marked again by the “Stop Talking, Start Planting” campaign.

37 students from 15 schools were educated as climate ambassadors as part of a Plant for the Planet Academy supported by SAF-HOLLAND.

The main moderator Emilia Mekok and the two co-moderators Luis Baumbach and Sascha Barz explained the most important points concerning climate protection and climate justice as well as the importance of trees in this context. Among other things the objective of keeping the temperature rise under a border of 2° should be reached by planting 1,000 billion trees.

The highlight of the day came after the lunch break – the active planting of trees.

In bright sunshine and with the friendly support of the community of Bessenbach, the 37 academy participants were able to plant around 50 silver fir trees and sow the identical quantity of acorns. But we could learn from the explanations of the forester, that this is not quite simple in this year.
The long-lasting drought has of course an effect on the forests and ensures that young trees are less developed than they should be at this time.
Accordingly, the young trees had not only to be planted but also watered immediately so that they could grow up well and be able to absorb approx. 10 kg CO2 as well as to produce up to 130 kg oxygen per year.