Every tree counts!

We all need to help out to decrease the ever-growing carbon dioxide emissions worldwide. Plant-for-the-Planet started the campaign „Stop talking. Start planting.“ and has already planted 4 billion trees since 2007 with the help of citizens, governments, and companies. Felix Finkbeiner started the campaign at the age of nine and motivated other children all over the world to take action. And what a success! Felix was able to persuade numerous prominent people as campaign sponsors including Head of State and Nobel Prize winner, Gesine Schwan, Prince Felipe of Spain, Wangari Maathai, Harrison Ford, Prince Albert II of Monaco, and Gisele Bündchen, to name a few. We may not be terribly famous, but we still think this campaign is wonderful, and we’re delighted to report that we were able to plant 80,000 trees already in the first year. Each tree absorbs an average of 10 kg of carbon dioxide per year. Because every tree binds an average of up to 10 kg of C02 per year – thus, SAF-HOLLAND saved 800,000 kg of C02 in the first year alone.

Felix’s goal is to plant one trillion trees – that’s how many trees are necessary to reduce the world’s carbon footprint by a fourth. Would you like to get involved? You can find all the necessary information on Plant-for-the-Planet here. Together with Felix, we celebrate every tree.