Absolutely sustainable

As an international company, we are represented not only across Europe but throughout the world. That also means that our booths and their transport must be as flexible as possible. So it was particularly important to us to use lightweight materials in their construction. At the same time, with our individually configurable module concept, we can optimally fit exhibition spaces of sizes ranging from 10 to 600 square metres.

When it comes to sustainability, the conditions for environmentally friendly transport are crucial as well. The special lightweight aluminium construction of the new booth, for example, simplifies transport significantly. The very small pack size of the compact module concept, and the reusable transport cases, make transport as environmentally friendly as possible.

But not only that: for us, it’s important to do business in a way that is as resource-friendly as possible. It pays off for the environment, too, because the concept of working with largely reusable components means, for instance, that we can cut back substantially on the wood, plastic and cloth waste left behind after every trade fair.

Reusable and modern – our trade fair appearance shows how it is possible to exceed all of the requirements of a sustainable booth.