30 Children will be Trained as Climate Amassadors

On May 5, 2018, around 30 children took the opportunity to learn about the climate crisis in the Klingerhof in Hösbach from already trained students of the plant-for-the-planet foundation and to become climate ambassadors, in order to self-manage a little bit and get involved in and their future.

The trained climate ambassadors Torben Michalk and Linus Saschek showed the most important points on the subject of climate protection – and climate justice in a comprehensible and sovereign way. In particular, they has been focused on the distribution and problem of human-induced CO2 emissions.

With the transmitted knowledge that trees are very important for climate protection, the students set out after the lunch break to put the theory into practice.

Armed with spades and hoes and full of enthusiasm, the students helped to reach the foundation’s goal of planting a trillion trees worldwide, by planting around 100 firs together with the local forester. At this point we want to thank the municipality of Bessenbach, which has kindly enabled this planting action again.

The member of the Bavarian state parilament Dr. Hans Jürgen Fahn explained in a short speech, that the message of the Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation has also arrived in politics and that they recognized that the students of today have to take the future of tomorrow into their hands.

We at SAF-Holland are also convinced that it is high time to stand up for climate protection and therefore we support the Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation among other things with the help of such days of action – for the future of all of us, but especially for those of our children.

Julia Stockum of Main-TV accompanied the academy and summarized the programme. – Main TV.

The association Plant-for-the-Planet Aschaffenburg e.V. was founded for the region around Aschaffenburg. It is ideal for those who want to be active in the region following the training of the climate ambassadors. Further information can also be found at treecounter.de