Each and every one of us is called upon when it comes to saving resources. Only by working together can we decrease our energy consumption. The great news is that even small actions reap big rewards. But we need to start now. Today. Find out how SAF-HOLLAND contributes to saving our energy resources and has successfully been certified to the energy management since 2014 …

On the basis of a specially developed concept, we measure the exact energy consumption of some plants and aim to achieve an energy saving of 17% with the introduced optimization measures .

We’ve made the switch to LED lights! Almost all of our production plants have already been outfitted with new energy-saving bulbs. The environment can breathe a little easier now that our bulbs only require 22 watts instead of 66. A savings of 66% is not too bad!

Our energy-saving project at the heart of 2015 was the rebuilding of production plant 1. Built to the most modern standards, the new construction has already allowed us to save up to 30% of heat energy in the first year.

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