“Together for Heike”

The aim of every registration campaign is to find ideal donors for patients with blood cancer and other diseases of the haematopoietic system. This means to find donors with HLA (Tissue Characteristics) characteristics that match best with those of the recipient. The more characteristics it is possible to analyse directly during registration, the faster help can be provided to the 13,700 people who suffer from leukaemia every year in Germany.

At SAF-HOLLAND, it is of course very important to us that the registration campaign, will help among other things our colleague Heike in particular but other people as well to find a suitable stem cell donor.

Her attitude gives confidence because she herself says: “I will never give up because I love my life”. She wants to continue to be “the best mom in the world”, to enjoy life and spend time with her loved ones.

All colleagues wish her all the best and, of course, a quick recovery. At the same time, our warmest thanks to all employees who have registered for the campaign and, above all, to all those who committed themselves and actively helped to support the registration campaign.

Further information to the stem cell registration as well as to the DKMS (German Knochmarkspenderdatei) at www.dkms.de/en.

Good for the body – Good for the Climate

Riding a bicycle is economical, healthy, and of course fast – in city traffic often even faster than by car. Nevertheless, comfort often wins out and lets us reach for our car keys.The idea and initiative for this was provided by the colleague from the development department – Jenny Weber.

At this point, SAF-HOLLAND would like to motivate with the campaign “Fit through the summer” and promote the health of its employees as well as have a positive influence on climate protection.

Therefore the winners of the 3 groups “beginners”, “advanced” and “professionals” were drawn among all participants in the campaign.

The total mileage of the participants within the last 6 months was evaluated.


On July 12, all employees were invited to take part in SAF-HOLLAND’s “Bike Day” – according to the motto “chain right”, which means to shift into the big chainring in the front (and behind) in order to move forward quickly.

The idea and initiative for this was provided by the colleague from the development department – Jenny Weber.

The selected, moderately difficult mountain bike tour was also manageable for not 100% trained cyclists and guided through the wonderful trails of the Vorspessart.

Unfortunately the weather was not on our side at this point and the sky opened his gates exactly when the tour started. In short it was raining “cats and dogs”!

But for some courageous employees that was no reason to leave their bike. On the other hand, they mastered the track with a lot of joy and were rewarded with great impressions and lots of riding fun.

“In addition to having fun and moving around together in the beautiful countryside, such a tour also offers the opportunity to get to know people personally who you would otherwise only know by e-mail or telephone,” says Andreas Hasenstab (PDM department), who acted as tour guide.

At the more comfortable “Après Bike” in the Keilberger Sportheim, Peter Bahmer (Vice President Operations Europe) was sure that this event would have to be repeated next year with hopefully better weather conditions.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank TSV Keilberg for the friendly hospitality and Jenny Weber for organizing the SAF-HOLLAND “Bike-Day”.

Pedagogical toys for the kindergarten ‚St. Georg‘ in Bessenbach

Unfortunately, the Kindergarten St. Georg in Bessenbach simply lacked the financial means to purchase new educational toys to replace the old ones.

SAF-HOLLAND took a concrete approach to this issue in line with its self-image and social responsibility and was able to face the problem with a call for employee donations and a generous increase from the company.

We are delighted that Dr. Heiden (CFO SAF-HOLLAND) was able to hand out the donation for the purchase of new toys to Mrs. Emmrich, the head of the St. Georg Kindergarten, on 03/18/2019.

Stem Cells against Blood Cancer

The nine-year-old Kai is suffering from blood cancer and a stem cell donation is his only chance of survival. To help him and other leukemia patients, SAF-HOLLAND was organizing a registration campaign and calling on all employees who are healthy and between 17 and 55 years old to participate.

The registration is pretty easy for potential donors. It’s only like, “Open your mouth, put the swab inside and be a donor.”
SAF-HOLLAND will cover the costs of 35,– Euro / registration.

In the fight against leukemia, 131 colleagues registered willingly on 28.11.2018.
MANY THANKS for that. You help save lives!

Further information to the stem cell registration as well as to the DKMS (German Bone Marrow Donor Center) under www.dkms.de/en.

Plastic Caps Against Polio

The idea behind the cap project is as ingenious as it is simple:

With the collection of plastic caps made of high-quality plastics (HDPE and PP) and the subsequent sales proceeds, the association „Deckel drauf e.V.“ supports non-profit and charitable projects.

As a first step, they focus on the “End Polio Now” program and the worldwide project ” no child should suffer from polio any more “. Because the proceeds from the collection of only 500 caps can be used to finance a person’s vaccination – for a life without polio.

Just a few weeks after the collection containers were installed, SAF-HOLLAND collected around 10 kg, or the equivalent of around 4,500 plastic caps. With the proceeds of this collection the life-saving polio vaccine for people in need can be financed.

And the good thing is that anyone can help.

Collect plastic caps from disposable and reusable bottles, beverage cartons or even the yellow surprise egg and take them to one of the delivery points. With interim storage, as soon as a larger quantity has been collected for sale to a waste management company, the caps are sent directly from the warehouse to recycling and the proceeds to the financing of polio vaccinations.

Team “Cherry-Tea” on the Way up North for a Good Cause

They got to know and appreciate the work of a palliative care team at first hand and simply wanted to say thank you to them. But from the fixed idea, a concrete plan was created. Anja Kleyboldt and Markus Bitter from Friedrichsdorf participate as team no. 80 “Cherry-Tea” in the “Baltic Sea Circle”, the most northern rally on earth.

With an old Opel Sintra they have to conquer the way all around the Baltic Sea from Hamburg via Denmark, Sweden, Lapland and Norway to the North Cape, over the Lofoten through the Finnish Pampa, the Baltic States and Poland back to Hamburg – all in 16 day.

However, the “Baltic Sea Circle” is not about speed, only the experience is of primary importance. The 250 participating teams obtain various tasks to solve during the stages. At the same time, participants learn about countries and cultures on this journey through the hinterland – navigation systems and motorways are forbidden.

An essential point of this adventure trip is of course besides the ferry trip on stormy seas, the photo shooting with a moose, the natural spectacles and the prevailing loneliness in particular getting to know the people there.

Despite the adventures, all the teams of this unusual rally commit themselves to collect 750.00 Euros for a good cause. For Anja Kleyboldt and Markus Bitter a clear matter: All donations are earmarked for the palliative care of people. With this they would like to say thank you for the great support on caring for the mother.

At SAF-HOLLAND we think that this is a great thing, and are really happy to support this fundraising campaign.

Anja Kleyboldt und Markus Bitter at North Cape.

SAF-HOLLAND Running Team Active Again

In a new constellation, but no less engaged, a team from SAF-HOLLAND also started at the 23rd Aschaffenburg HVB-City run.

The approximately 5,000 runners benefited from ideal conditions with sunshine and pleasant temperatures. The winning time of 22:17 minutes was out of reach for our colleagues, but that was not the declared goal.

“You just have once experienced the enjoyment of running and the mood in the city center at this meanwhile biggest sporting event in Aschaffenburg”, said Thomas Grimm, Vice President of Human Resources.

Cheered by the spectators at the roadside, including many colleagues, our boys ran in great shape and were consistently more than satisfied at the end with their running time on this fast track through Aschaffenburg’s city center.

Employees Donate for Children and Youth Home Aschaffenburg

Again our colleagues have campaigned for a good cause:

The employees of the Aschaffenburg Remedial Pedagogic Children and Youth Center provide for and look after children and adolescents aged 6 to 17 whose families have failed, who have developmental deficits, or who are significantly impaired by constitutional and / or social deficits in their age-appropriate personality development.

Through targeted pedagogical promotion measures, such as a sailing vacation, they try to strengthen the we-feeling of the group and to integrate all participants into the community.

Activities of this kind that have already taken place for children and adolescents of the Aschaffenburg Remedial Pedagogic Children and Youth Center have demonstrated that such collective measures challenges children and adolescents in their skills and competences and strengthen the cohesiveness of the group at the same time. The work in the group and the time, which is spent in a small space together, help the social interaction in a considerable way.

And so that such a sailing vacation can take place again this year, employees as well as the company of SAF-HOLLAND GmbH donated.

We are pleased that we are able to hand over a total amount of 6.500, – Euro to the remedial pedagogic children and youth home Aschaffenburg.

Many thanks to all colleagues!

Left to right: Pia Klose (personnel officer, SAF-HOLLAND), Dr. Matthias Heiden (CFO, SAF-HOLLAND), Mr. Hein (manager children’s home) and Mr. Nüßler (promotion circle president of children’s home)

Charity Football Tournament for Samuel Brückner

Under the motto ” if necessary, we stick together”, among others our SAF-HOLLAND trainee team fought on 16 December for little Samuel.

Samuel Brückner, affectionately called as “Samu” by his parents, suffers from muscle wasting or spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) from birth. In a particularly severe condition: He is type 1. A disease that occurs very rarely – with only one in 10,000 births. The parents of Samuel were hit so hard when they received this diagnosis after an endless fight to get doctor’s appointments.

Their life have been anything but normal and fully attuned to Samuel since then, as they try hard to keep their life as normal as possible for her son, despite PEG tube, respirator, aspirator, cough assistant and a lot of tubes.

Full respect for the parents, who despite the difficult situation do not give up and enjoy the time together with their son as much as possible, shows us one thing:

The luck is in the moment.

A look at the website smarty-samu.de shows the sweet Samuel, whom we have all loved at SAF-HOLLAND, and gives an insight into his life.

Therefore, we heartily support the parents with a donation of 1.500,– Euro and the participation in the charity tournament – so that the little family can continue to live as normal as possible and, of course, for a peck and a mischievous smile from Samu.

We wish the parents lots of strength, all the best and many happy moments with their little Samuel.